What a Peice Of Work Is Man

Trying to Unscramble This World That is Ours

6 June
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Hey Beautifuls,
This is me, Im Rachael. Im a cali girl (born and raised in Los Angeles), living up the college life in Lincoln, Nebraska. I go to University of Nebraska at Lincoln and I am currently a musical theatre major with minors in philosophy and women's studies. What to say, what to say?
I have lots of best friends, all my guy friends are gay, and when I am 37 I want to have twin girls and a gay son. It has been determined that I cannot raise straight boys. Honey, let me buy you your first thong. Oy! Im a "jewitch" I was raised jewish, and am culturally jewish, but im am religiously wiccan. I am way uninhibited and sex is one of my favorite topics. Im an open book, if you ask, you had better want an answer.